Egeli & Co. Financial Investments AS (“EFYAS”) was established to provide financial advisory to foreign institutional investors
Egeli & Co. Investment Management S.A. (“ECIM”) was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of EFYAS to manage offshore funds and segregated accounts.
Egeli & Co. Turkish Opportunities Fund, the first single country multi-strategy hedge fund on Turkey was established
Egeli & Co. Investment Trust (ex. Evren IT) which was established in 1994, was acquired by the group in 2004.
Egeli & Co. was mandated by a leading Int’l Investment Management house to manage AmonRa Growth Fund investing in Closed End Funds while optimizing returns via relative value trades.
Varlık Investment Trust (“VARYO”) was acquired from TEB BNP Paribas Turkey in 2006.
Egeli & Co. has agreed to establish a JV with a leading foreign portfolio management company dedicated to Emerging Markets.
Egeli & Co. made its first “real asset” investment and acquired majority stake in Simya Agro Investments Inc.
Egeli & Co. sold its stake in the JV
Capital Markets Board of Turkey had approved the establishment of Egeli & Co. Asset Management
Egeli & Co. Investment Holding has been restructured as an multi-asset investment company (EGCYH)
Egeli & Co. Special Situations Fund was launched
EGCYH acquired a 50% stake in Karesi Geothermal Energy which has won two “Geothermic” tenders
EGCYO has become Turkey’s first Agriculture VCIT (EGCYO)
EGCYO injected start-up capital to Batı Tarim
EGCYH injected start-up capital to EGC Enerji
EGCYO acquired %90.05 share of Doga Tarim
EGCYH acquired %70.04 share of Ak B-Type Investment Trust (aka EGLYO)
EGCYO acquired 43.57% share of Tolina Tarim
EGLYO is converted to an Energy VCIT
EGCYO has started feasibility studies about “Senyayla Sheep Farm” under Batı Tarim
EGLYO acquired 4.21% shares of Enda Energy
Karesi Geothermal was transferred to EGLYO
EGLYO’s share in Enda Energy rose to %4.35
EGLYO’s share in Enda Energy rose to %5.34